Using The Hub: a how-to-guide

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The Hub was purposefully designed to be accessible and easy to use. Everything you need for a pleasant online learning experience is right at your fingertips and tailored to your learning style.

BrowseAloud has been installed to ensure that you can view and access our free training courses in a way that suits you, so continue reading to learn how Browsealoud features work and have your FAQs answered!

Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to navigate through the Hub with ease!


How to use Browsealoud, now called ReachDeck

How do you use Browsealoud? It’s easy!

Watch texthelp’s BrowseAloud demo to learn how to utilise the toolbar.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get the answer you’ve been chasing. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Luckily, many people have for you!

Should you have any questions about how to use The Hub that aren’t answered in the FAQs or under the “Using the Hub” tab, please email the Beacon team at

We’ll be your knight in shining armour.

1. How do I start a course?

In order to start any of our courses, or view a webinar, you will need to enroll. You can do this by pressing the Enroll button on the top of any course or webinar page. Pressing the Enroll Now button on a course on one of our Explore Resources pages, will take you to that course home page, where you will be able to enroll.

2. How do I enroll onto a course?

You can enrol on to a course by pressing Enroll button on the top of any course or webinar page. Enrolling allows you to access all of the course content, and track your progress. The course will also appear on the bottom of you profile page.

3. I have finished my course – Why is it not displaying as 100% complete?

To complete a course, you need to mark all of its sections as complete, and complete the feedback form. Feedback is crucial to help Beacon improve our resources and secure funding, so please do take the time to do this!

4. How do I watch a webinar?

Once you have found a webinar page you will need to enroll in to it so that you can access the resource. The webinar homepage will then activate, and you will find a Watch the webinar option listed within the Resource content section. Here you can find the embedded webinar video and a link to download any slides or associated materials.

5. Where can I find courses that I am enrolled into?

All courses are listed on our Explore Resources pages, whether you are enrolled or not. However, you can find all of the courses that you have enrolled into at the bottom of your My profile page.

6. How do I use ReachDeck (also known as Browsealoud)?

ReachDeack provides a range of tools to increase the accessibility of the Hub. You can find full guidelines for its use in our Using the hub page, or by watching this handy video: 

7. How often will new content be released and where do I find it?

We hope to be releasing new content for the Hub, or updating content, on a very regular basis. This is a new website for Beacon, and over the coming months we will be releasing more guides, and more video content to support the development of rare disease patient groups. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know.

You will be able to see our new and updated resources at the top of each of our Explore resources pages.

8. How do I complete a course section?

At the end of each section of our courses, there is a mark complete button. Press this to track your progress.

9. How do I access restricted materials?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that our terms and conditions and privacy policy both mention access to restricted event materials. We are currently finalising the development of this Hub feature, but when ready, eligible participants will be able to access exclusive materials tied to our live events and projects within the hub. You will simply find the event and input your code to access the content and add it to your profile.

10. You don’t have a course that helps with my current problem – what should I do?

We are continually developing new content for the hub, and updating old material from our previous online portal or programme of live events. If there is a topic that you need support on that is not currently represented, please contact Beacon. We will point you to any relevant resources we have, let you know if it is something we are developing, or sign-post you to someone who can help. 

11. Why do I have to log in to access your content?

We appreciate that another password to manage can be a pain. However, in order to maintain the Hub and develop new content to support rare disease patient groups, Beacon needs to know which courses are being used and how often. This allows us to prove the value and impact of the Hub to our funders, and attract more funding for its up keep.

By ensuring all users log in we can collect the best quality data and gain the most insight about the use of the Hub. Rest assured, we will not share your data with any third parties. Our funders will only see summaries of course use, never how an individual uses the Hub. We hope the inconvenience of logging on is worth it to access our materials. 

12. This is a great resource – How can I help you to develop it further?

The Hub is a constantly evolving website. If you have specific knowledge that you think could help its development, or would like to volunteer to help Beacon produce new guides then why not apply to volunteer with us. Beacon also welcomes individual donations to help maintain the Hub, and are very open to discuss grant funding and sponsorship with corporates who would like to support our work.