As a manager or CEO you may often experience the burden of running the organisation and taking on other people’s tasks if they are not performing as they should. Below are some tips on how to manage some of the stresses associated with managing trustees and coping with the stresses associated with it: 

  • Plan thinking time and remember to look after yourself properly and give time to yourself.
  • Get a good chair who can do the ‘Can-Can:

       CAN give you can appraisal

       CAN run the board (with training)

       CAN represent the charity externally

       CAN open up opportunities

  • Get the chair to plan the boards activity for the year.
  • Have clear boundaries set for trustees e.g. When someone is a trustee and when they are acting as a volunteer instead.
  • If there isn’t a strategy plan, then plan the operational year with timelines.
  • Be clear about what help you need from your trustees.
  • Limit trustee terms and how often they can repeat those terms.
  • When in need always ask for help from friends, your chair or find advice online.

How to motivate your trustees: 

  • Be clear about your expectations, communicate clearly the nature of their role and the tasks that fall within that and how you are expecting them to help.
  • Frequent communication is key, this could be through WhatsApp groups, regular emails, face to face catch ups or phone calls.
  • Make sure you always thank them and show your appreciation.
  • Celebrate what ‘we’ have achieved.
  • Make it social- invite trustees to social events with staff or volunteers to ensure that team feeling. 
  • On board and induct people properly but also off-board them. Perhaps set up a community of former trustees to ensure you stay in contact and they can keep supporting you as a stakeholder.