Targeted recruitment

If you have a person specification in mind, think about whereabouts you might find the kind of person you need and target places where you will be able to reach them with your position. Targeted advertising is about proactively recruiting and going after people rather than just expecting them to find you. Think about employers that might have people you are interested in, membership bodies and clubs, target business parks, professional associations, and Facebook and LinkedIn networks. You can also target publications, websites and online networks. You can contact the admin of Facebook and LinkedIn groups and ask them to post your advert for you as a great way to reach your intended audience.

Example text to send to an admin:

“I am a trustee of (organisation name). We run several projects for (your community and what you do). We are currently looking for new voluntary trustees and one of the areas of expertise we would like is (). I wonder if you could assist us by circulating the attached advert to any relevant networks or colleagues please. As well as being extremely rewarding and impactful, being a trustee is also a great personal and professional development opportunity.”

For more information on recruitment from start to end, the Getting on Board ‘How to recruit trustees board’ guide covers everything you need to do.