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Events run on social media may be less formal than webinars or training sessions and may range from Q&As to online quizzes with your community. They usually require less planning but can be a great way to connect with your community and have a bit more fun with more informal events.


Start an online discussion by live tweeting an event, asking a question and responding to the answers or hosting a Q&A or an ask me anything. Use hashtags to help your audience find the conversation and get involved.


You can use Facebook live to host more informal events that do not require an invitation, as anyone who follows your Facebook page or is part of your private group can join in. As Facebook Live is often more informal it is a good platform to use to host events such as Quizzes and Q&As.


Instagram live can also be used to host live streams which are accessible to all your followers if you are a private account or to anyone if your account is public. Instagram livestreams are great for question and answer sessions or interviews as they can have multiple people presenting and you can invite different people to join you in an Instagram live.


The live feature on YouTube can be used to host and stream events to your audience. It works well for tutorials, training, fundraisers such as virtual concerts and events such as Q&A’s.