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Top Tips for Successfully Working with Industry

  • Retain your independence.
  • Be professional and expect to be treated as such, regardless of your job title!
  • Recognise the expertise and value that you can bring to the industry that they may not have access to – be confident!
  • Understand the company perspective and what is motivating them in the interaction.
  • Compliance – understand that the industry operates under a code of practice, and that this can help guide your interactions.
  • Be transparent – this is key to ensuring your organisation is trusted and your voice is valued by other stakeholders.
  • Ask questions to gain clarity – if you are afraid to ask questions then there is an issue with the relationship!
  • Don’t expect that you will always agree or that your advice will be followed.
  • Communicate effectively to understand why certain decisions are being made.

Additional Resources

ABPI Working with Patients and Patient Organisations (summary of guidance from the ABPI, aimed at pharmaceutical companies engaging with patients):