Why seek corporate funding?

Many companies have budgets set aside for charitable giving, they also have huge in house skills, expertise and resources and many want to utilise these to help charities. Many companies incorporate charity support into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of their business models. The support that they offer can range exponentially between companies; some choose a ‘Charity of the Month/Year’ to give longer term financial help, some will organise fundraising events for charities or patient groups and some will just give donations on a one off basis, which is often unrestricted funding.

Smaller organisations, like local shops, may allow you to keep a collection bucket next to their till for people to leave their spare change in. For more formal support, it is likely your group will be required to give them space on your website to acknowledge this or offer some other kind of reward.

Why do corporates want to give to charities?

Nowadays, image is very important to companies and businesses and many will focus energy on how they are percieved, marekting is one way to shape this and another is through charitable giving. Often image matters internally too as people may be drawn to working for a company is it is more ethical, charitable and has CSR in place.