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Once you have achieved a key objective of the collaboration, it is time to evaluate your success and make plans for the collaboration. This will involve several aspects including:

  • Reflecting on your progress: You may want to consider setting up a meeting to assess the challenges faced, and the successes achieved, by each organisation so far. Remember to appreciate and respect each other’s hard work!
  • Continuing your success: You should discuss how the successes can be maintained, and how to avoid challenges that may arise again in the future.
  • Reviewing the outcome: You may want to assign subgroups to frequently reassess your work so that any materials are always up to date.
  • Setting future goals: Review your objectives and set some future goals.
  • Long-term planning: Develop further timelines or plans for the collaboration and set up future meetings. This may involve organising events or planning to attend more conferences to expand your knowledge of the disease area you are focusing on.
  • Expanding the collaboration: You could assess whether to expand the collaboration further and even consider collaborating with organisations globally.