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Ensuring inclusive communication around genetics

Genetics is complex, and talk of genetics, and even science, can turn many people off from engaging with clinicians or self-management of their conditions.

Finding ways to communicate genetics and inheritance clearly, and accessibly is crucial to help rare patients and their families. This is an even more vital consideration when certain genetic predispositions mean that a condition is more prevalent within a different geography, race or culture.

Ensuring that your information and support accounts for the beliefs and practices of that community, and is delivered in a manner that is relevant to them, can make the difference between success and failure.

What will you learn in this webinar?


  • The role of genetics as both a tool to accessing diagnoses and understanding of rare conditions, and a barrier to understand and discuss these diseases and their inheritance.
  • Case studies of what others in the rare community are doing to support with genetic diagnoses
  • Signposts to pre-existing resources that your patient organisation can access

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1.5 hours

Last updated

April 2021